Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Sheffield /London
Woke 7,43 am
.... waited 2 minutes , 7,43 is a silly time to get up ! I like rounded numbers, but usually 'wait til this songs finished'
7.49; Put me clothes on , went to the bathroom and undressed to wash , what was that all about ? , put loads of deoderent on .... flossed, thought about washing teeth , but decided to wait til after I'd had a cup of tea.

7.54 ; Put kettle on ... turned tv on , turned pc on

7.56 ; opened emails , wrote a nice email to my fiance , which was why I was up so goddamn early on my day off ... made tea ... blinked through BBC news

8.13 ; finished me second cup of tea ... done emailing /blogging ... went and brushed teeth ... gargled .... time to go

8.39 ; arrived at clinic to pick up me vaccination record ... payed the £10 and left ... got on a bus into 'town'

9.00 ; got in a queue to buy a ticket to London , unbeknown to me there were 5 IDIOTS that wanted to ask dumbass questions , take up my time , make me fret ... why do people who KNOW they are going to have to pay for a ticket leave it til the LAST FKIN minute to find their money/purse/credit card ??? I was freaking .... 5 mins til my train , I was there ready with destination times money in hand.....

9.25 ; got on train ... it left straight away !

9.25- 12.00 read paper , went for a coffee , it was free ! tried the crossword , impossibly hard , went for a coffee, tore out funny news for blogging later , went for a coffee, started a Soduku ... I FINISHED IT ! First time ever !; all the while listening to my MP3 ... Genesis , Fleetwood Mac, Enya, Rob Thomas .... shows my age I guess ... but I did have the Kooks and Snow Patrol !!!

12.15 train was late ... got off at St. Pancras and headed for the tube ( Subway)

12.30 ish After looking at the tube map decided it was a £3 single for me ... headed for Oxford Circus on the Victoria line ( where there are no animals , clowns , or even a circus !) ... then onto the brown coloured line ( Bakerloo) to Regents street ( which was shut !) , so got off at Beker Street .... Gerry Rafferty & Sherlock Holmes.

12.45 turned left to find a pink Madame Tussuads ... texted , phoned me fiancee , bought her a pressie, it was cute...... found another shop bought her a funny t-shit ....

1.00 pm ish checked me map , decided to walk .... after 5 minutes decided to go the right direction , about turn ....

1.20 found my goal ... a mediacl centre , just a stones throw from Harley street ... I have 90 mins til my medical ... having found out where I should be I wandered off , I was hungry ... bought a chicken , bacon cheese & spinach panini , and ate it in Manchester Square ... gawd it was yummy , shame the 'square' was locked

2.00 ; walked to Oxford street for a nosey , found loads of funny lil electric cars, my Action man had a bigger car when I was a kid !

2.40 ; went back to the medical centre.... 10 minutes early , went in , signed my life away , sat for 3 minutes then was asked in by a 400lb doctor ... she went through my notes ... measured me 1.78m , weighed me 78.5 KG (172lbs) did an eye test ... bottom row AUIPOWEZXU... stripped to pants ... she listened to my chest , looked in my ears , nose made me cough , looked inside my pants ... just for the thrill I guess.... then she stole a gallon of blood ...

3.00 ; went for an x-ray .. I watched as it developed .. seemed ok to me

3.10 ; saw the vaccination nurse ... all up to date 'cept Tetanus/Diptheria, which I assured her I had 2 years ago ... I need to get that faxed back to them

3.15 presented with a £160 bill, I'm in the wrong business ! I bet the mafia don't make that much per hour !

3.17 got outside ... phoned me fiancee , explained all , as I was walking back to Oxford street , where I would walk to Grosvenor Square ... clicked off the call and found I was outside a pub , I needed to replenish my blood count ... so went in ... London Pride .. flat but tasty

4.00 realised when I got to Tottenham Court road, I was walking the wrong bloody way up Oxford street , so crossed the road and turned round...

4.25 Found it ! Grosvenor Square ... the US Embassy ... my bloody camera was out of batteries ... ran across the rd to get new'uns ... went back and snapped a few ... I'll be back, for my visa !

5pm went past Gordon Ramseys restaurant ... ran in ... told him to F***in well PO ... then went to the post office to post my Fiancee her pressies

5.25 got on the tube rush hour ... what a nightamre ... here's a lil bit of experience of manicness

6pm back at St. Pancras ... my train's at 7.25pm ... grrr ... so I phoned me dad told him about the day ... as I walked to find a pub ... ah the Euston Flyer ...nice flat pint of Youngs

7.25 back on the train to Sheffield ... my MP3 is outta batteries , so have to listen to a very annoying LOUD 4 year old behind me as I tackle soduku GRRRRRRRRR .... But I finished another one !!!

10.00pm Back in Sheffield

This trip was to get me a medical for my Fiance visa to marry my darling in NC,USA ... I'm almost there :)

Come visit me here :)
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