Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Sheffield /London
Woke 7,43 am
.... waited 2 minutes , 7,43 is a silly time to get up ! I like rounded numbers, but usually 'wait til this songs finished'
7.49; Put me clothes on , went to the bathroom and undressed to wash , what was that all about ? , put loads of deoderent on .... flossed, thought about washing teeth , but decided to wait til after I'd had a cup of tea.

7.54 ; Put kettle on ... turned tv on , turned pc on

7.56 ; opened emails , wrote a nice email to my fiance , which was why I was up so goddamn early on my day off ... made tea ... blinked through BBC news

8.13 ; finished me second cup of tea ... done emailing /blogging ... went and brushed teeth ... gargled .... time to go

8.39 ; arrived at clinic to pick up me vaccination record ... payed the £10 and left ... got on a bus into 'town'

9.00 ; got in a queue to buy a ticket to London , unbeknown to me there were 5 IDIOTS that wanted to ask dumbass questions , take up my time , make me fret ... why do people who KNOW they are going to have to pay for a ticket leave it til the LAST FKIN minute to find their money/purse/credit card ??? I was freaking .... 5 mins til my train , I was there ready with destination times money in hand.....

9.25 ; got on train ... it left straight away !

9.25- 12.00 read paper , went for a coffee , it was free ! tried the crossword , impossibly hard , went for a coffee, tore out funny news for blogging later , went for a coffee, started a Soduku ... I FINISHED IT ! First time ever !; all the while listening to my MP3 ... Genesis , Fleetwood Mac, Enya, Rob Thomas .... shows my age I guess ... but I did have the Kooks and Snow Patrol !!!

12.15 train was late ... got off at St. Pancras and headed for the tube ( Subway)

12.30 ish After looking at the tube map decided it was a £3 single for me ... headed for Oxford Circus on the Victoria line ( where there are no animals , clowns , or even a circus !) ... then onto the brown coloured line ( Bakerloo) to Regents street ( which was shut !) , so got off at Beker Street .... Gerry Rafferty & Sherlock Holmes.

12.45 turned left to find a pink Madame Tussuads ... texted , phoned me fiancee , bought her a pressie, it was cute...... found another shop bought her a funny t-shit ....

1.00 pm ish checked me map , decided to walk .... after 5 minutes decided to go the right direction , about turn ....

1.20 found my goal ... a mediacl centre , just a stones throw from Harley street ... I have 90 mins til my medical ... having found out where I should be I wandered off , I was hungry ... bought a chicken , bacon cheese & spinach panini , and ate it in Manchester Square ... gawd it was yummy , shame the 'square' was locked

2.00 ; walked to Oxford street for a nosey , found loads of funny lil electric cars, my Action man had a bigger car when I was a kid !

2.40 ; went back to the medical centre.... 10 minutes early , went in , signed my life away , sat for 3 minutes then was asked in by a 400lb doctor ... she went through my notes ... measured me 1.78m , weighed me 78.5 KG (172lbs) did an eye test ... bottom row AUIPOWEZXU... stripped to pants ... she listened to my chest , looked in my ears , nose made me cough , looked inside my pants ... just for the thrill I guess.... then she stole a gallon of blood ...

3.00 ; went for an x-ray .. I watched as it developed .. seemed ok to me

3.10 ; saw the vaccination nurse ... all up to date 'cept Tetanus/Diptheria, which I assured her I had 2 years ago ... I need to get that faxed back to them

3.15 presented with a £160 bill, I'm in the wrong business ! I bet the mafia don't make that much per hour !

3.17 got outside ... phoned me fiancee , explained all , as I was walking back to Oxford street , where I would walk to Grosvenor Square ... clicked off the call and found I was outside a pub , I needed to replenish my blood count ... so went in ... London Pride .. flat but tasty

4.00 realised when I got to Tottenham Court road, I was walking the wrong bloody way up Oxford street , so crossed the road and turned round...

4.25 Found it ! Grosvenor Square ... the US Embassy ... my bloody camera was out of batteries ... ran across the rd to get new'uns ... went back and snapped a few ... I'll be back, for my visa !

5pm went past Gordon Ramseys restaurant ... ran in ... told him to F***in well PO ... then went to the post office to post my Fiancee her pressies

5.25 got on the tube rush hour ... what a nightamre ... here's a lil bit of experience of manicness

6pm back at St. Pancras ... my train's at 7.25pm ... grrr ... so I phoned me dad told him about the day ... as I walked to find a pub ... ah the Euston Flyer ...nice flat pint of Youngs

7.25 back on the train to Sheffield ... my MP3 is outta batteries , so have to listen to a very annoying LOUD 4 year old behind me as I tackle soduku GRRRRRRRRR .... But I finished another one !!!

10.00pm Back in Sheffield

This trip was to get me a medical for my Fiance visa to marry my darling in NC,USA ... I'm almost there :)

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Greensboro, NC

I'm a Carolina Panthers Fan.
I don't like Green Peppers and Onions.
I'm a tall person.
I can wiggle my nostrils like a rabbit.
I can not do gymnastics.
I love horses.
I'm a spring/summer person.
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Debbie~ North Carolina
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Sunday, October 08, 2006
When I was 10 years old.
In 1978, when I was 10 years old, there was a lunar eclipse. I watched it from our front lawn. I was 10 years old. The Moon moved in Her regular and regal way across the sky and then she started to disappear and then and then and then...
There were nine moons spread out against the sky.
(like a patient etherized upon a table?)

It was miraculous.

Twenty years later, when I was 30 years old the local newspapers were abuzz with stories of an upcoming lunar eclipse. None of the stories mentioned the effect of multiple Moons. None of the pictures showed the phenomena. I looked on the internet for pictures... nothing. I asked my mother who had been standing next to me when I was 10 years old. She said that the multiple moons never happened. I asked everybody if they had ever seen such a thing. When I was 30 years old the eclipse was low in the sky and obscured by clouds and buildings.

Nothing that I had expected happened at all.

For twenty years I believed that the Moon cloned itself during a lunar eclipse. From knowledge picked up from high school Physics classes, I had created scientific explanations for the optical illusion. Refraction through the stratosphere... multiple relflections... I had it all figured. Twenty years of belief obliterated by the shocking realization that I had made the whole thing up... dreamt it... conjurations of a 10 year old's active imagination.

This is the Moon in eclipse. The photo was taken by a friend. It was taken in Spain less than a year ago. This is not a camera trick... this was visible to the naked eye.

So what I saw with 10 year old eyes has been verified.

I have a question of wonder. I wonder why so little has been made of this phenom... I assume that these cannot be the only two times in the history of astronomical observation that a lunar eclipse characterized by multiple moons has been observed. If you looked up into the night sky and saw many moons... would you not note that as significant? If you had a camera in your hand, then would you not take a picture. Perhaps you may not notice it at all. Perhaps your mind would be so near to fracturing apart itself due to the fact that the shadow of night had taken a bite out of the moon. Perhaps in such a state of awe at the primary effect of the eclipse, that you would have no room to wonder at this secondary effect.

... but when I was 10 years old
... when I was 10 years old I was 10 years old.

- Spirot, Edmonton, Alberta
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Sunday, August 20, 2006
Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Friday, August 18, 2006
At the start of the day.

A taste of dawn for your travelling blog from where the day starts in beautiful New Zealand! All the best with your travels.


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Thursday, August 03, 2006
The first post
what if there's one item that everyone can have and put some contribution in it and then pass it to evryone else.
it's like a story written by thousands of authors.

I set up this blog to see how far it will go and how many people will contribute in it.
you can write anything, post any pictures, talk nonsense, whatever.
and please write your name at the bottom of the post.
but please do not delete any post, or change the password.

the username:weareequal
the password:swordfish
I hope anyone who come across this blog will put something in it.
let us smile again...

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if you came across this page, please post something. username:weareequal password:swordfish thank you
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